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Who we grow for

We produce top quality produce for the Retail, Food Service, Wholesale and Processing Industry, as well as White Label products.

At Blackdown Growers we never compromise on freshness and quality. We proudly grow and supply UK grown Salad Leaves and Herbs so you can offer the freshest produce to your customers

Unwashed for freshness

Washed & Prepared for Salad Processors or Unwashed, Wash Before Eating for Food Service and Retail.

Bespoke Salad mixes

Bespoke & exclusive varieties to suit your specific requirements and taste profiles.

Multiple pack sizes

Our quality produce is available in a range of sizes from 150g to 1kg.

Bulk Volumes

We also produce in bulk for the UK Salad Processors market.

Long UK Seasons

Growing crops in our glass houses means UK grown produce is available for a longer season.

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Food Service

With a comprehensive range across ‘unwashed-wash before eating’ prepacked salads and herbs we can provide solutions for all catering needs.

Blackdown Growers have been supplying the catering sector for many years and understand your requirements for a reliable and efficient partner. We can offer flexible solutions to fit your specifications from bulk volumes to small packs, we are able to supply all your salad and herb requirements, grown right here in the heart of the UK.


At Blackdown Growers, innovation lies at the heart of everything we do so we actively look at the latest food & market trends to support a number of hospitality clients to realise their creativity and deliver a quality experience for their diners.

We are passionate about freshness, using our experience to ensure our product is delivered to you as quickly and efficiently as possible without ever compromising on taste.

Blackdown Growers are happy to work with you to develop bespoke mixes so you are able to offer your customers exactly what your menu demands.

Retail & White Label

At Blackdown Growers we have developed our own brand, LeamPak, which is available across all our salad and herb product lines in a wide variety of pack sizes.

Whether you are a small deli or large convenience store, we have a solution to provide your customers with a comprehensive range of products from staples to the more adventurous.

We know your customers prize freshness and quality above all else, so you can count on Leampak to offer this as well as being a margin enhancing addition to your produce offer. Blackdown Growers can also provide White Label solutions so you can use your own branding and bespoke specifications.

Salad Packers and Processors

We provide our products in bulk, unwashed and ready for your salad processing lines. We understand the importance of the freshest quality product for your customers, that’s why we transport our product to our fridge coolers as quickly as possible once it’s harvested. We then carefully pack products to your specifications.

White Label

Here at Blackdown we have a dedicated product team happy to work with you to develop your both your own bespoke mixes and lines or to provide products which can be sold under your own branding.

We work with several major UK food service groups in this way, providing our produce to their specifications and requirements. They know they can rely on us to produce a quality range of fresh leaves and herbs and be confident to put their own name on it.


We pride ourselves on always delivering the volumes you need at the highest quality. With our own fleet of refrigerated transport, you can be confident our produce will reach you perfectly fresh and when you need it.

If you need something a little more specific, our development team are happy to work with you to accommodate bespoke product mixes.

Our Farms

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