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We are proud to grow and pack our products under our own Leampak brand.

About Leampak

Always unwashed to stay fresher for longer, we nurture our leaves and herbs from seed to shelf.

We carefully grow a huge range of salad leaves and herbs here on our farms so there is something to suit most requirements. We ensure our leaves and herbs are harvested once they reach the perfect size and are chilled and packed right here in beautiful Leamington Spa within 24 hours to guarantee optimal freshness.


And, because we pack all our produce into retail ready packaging here on site, we can produce a flexible range of sizes and mixes which are perfect for food service, wholesale and retail.

We’re proud to produce a wide range of baby salad leaves and herbs under our own brand, Leampak. Leampak has been trusted by retailers and chefs alike for over 25 years as a mark of our famous high quality and tasty produce. You can be confident every bag contains a reliable, fresh and consistent product all year round. We can help you build the perfect range to reflect your customer and diners’ needs.

We currently have over 40 acres of glasshouses cultivating baby leaves and herbs so we can bring you consistent quality and freshness all year round.

During the winter months we also supplement our baby leaf production with trusted European partners in Italy, Spain and the South of France, all of whom we’ve worked with for many years.

The benefits of such longstanding relationships are that our partners grow the same varieties we do, and to the same exacting standard as us so you won’t see the difference!

Our Farms

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