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We are passionate about cultivating fresh produce through care and expertise with innovative farming

About the Farms

We operate across various sites in Warwickshire, and we’re still expanding to diversify and improve our offering. We can guarantee our own produce 12 months of the year.

By carefully controlling factors like temperature, humidity, and airflow, we can fine-tune the growing conditions for each type of salad we cultivate. Our team of expert growers work tirelessly to ensure that every leaf is grown to perfection, resulting in superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. And with our automated Irrigation systems, not only in the Glasshouses but also on our outdoor growing areas, we can use fresh local water pumped from our borehole to the crop, whenever and wherever we want.

We insist on traditional standards of quality and value and promote the need of farming and producing crops in conjunction with the countryside and environment we value and work alongside. The rich Warwickshire soils produce great tasting salads and leaves throughout the year in the heartlands of the UK.

We grow on 140 acres of outdoor ground, and we have over 40 acres of glasshouses growing quality baby leaf and herbs for our UK customers.

With innovation at our heart, we have developed many of our own bespoke machines & equipment to create hassle free, cost and time saving operations. We have a fleet of refrigerated trailers out on the field & road, so our crops are always kept in an optimally cooled environment once they are harvested.
Our packing facility here in Warwickshire has over 4 purpose-built fridge coolers and various automated packing lines most noticeably the Multi head weigher & bagging machine which can produce up to 65 packs per minute.

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Our sustainable farming practices

At Blackdown Growers, sustainability and respect for our agricultural environment is at the heart of everything we do

We’ve invested heavily in our glasshouses and protected growing to reduce our reliance on importing produce, which has to be flown in or travels across Europe. Whenever we build a glass house we consider the environment around us, including planting native trees and providing wildlife havens to attract insects and birds.

We take our water quality and use seriously, it’s critical to life here at Blackdown Growers. We have our own bore hole and water lagoons have been created as catchment zones for rainwater from the glasshouse roofs – our local wildlife love these habitats too!

We also employ advanced water management systems that optimise water usage, further reducing our ecological footprint.

a group of packages of salad
Product & Packaging

Once the product is harvested it’s transported to our fridge coolers where it’s stored until packing. Products are then brought into the packhouse and packed to order according to its weight using one of our four high quality packing lines, labelled and then transferred onto a pallet ready for despatch.

a person driving a tractor in a greenhouse
Ground Preparation/Cultivation

We carry out different applications according to soil type and season. Whether we are cultivating 150 or 300mm, we have the right machine for each process.

a close-up of a machine
Drilling Crop

It is critical that whatever the crop, it is accurately placed and sown to the correct density. From placement drill machines to broad acre Seeders, this equipment incorporates a “magic eye” to make this process a success.


Boom mounted sprayers on tractors with GPS technology apply the correct rates for crops to receive the required treatment they need.

a close-up of a machine

Different harvesting techniques are used for the correct process to enable the best leaf size and quality. It can either be a band saw action or a fast-moving reciprocal knife, both of which we have used for many, many years.


Perfect chill transportation to your door

It’s critical that product is kept at a cool temperature so using our temperature-controlled lorries ensures our produce remains in the very best condition and is delivered to you within a few hours of packing.

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