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The History of Leampak

At Blackdown Growers, we take pride in packaging our baby leaves and herbs under our own brand, Leampak. For 25 years, Leampak has represented quality and reliability for our customers. But what is the story behind our trusted brand? Let’s delve into the history of Leampak and discover how it all began.

When did Leampak begin?

The Leampak brand was officially launched in 1995. Before this, we packed fresh baby leaves and herbs in plain bags which lacked visual appeal. We wanted our customers to easily recognise our produce with an eye-catching design that reflected the quality inside. The creation and launch of the Leampak brand marked the beginning of a new era for our business.

Leampak Baby Leaves and Spinach
Why did we choose Leampak?


‘Leampak,’ is a blend of two words that reflects both our heritage and our mission. ‘Leam’ pays homage to Leamington, the town where Blackdown Growers farms are based. It’s a nod to our local area and celebrates the community that supports us. ‘Pak’ was added to signify the packaging of baby leaves and herbs, which all happens onsite at our headquarters in Leamington. In addition to this, it highlights our commitments to providing our customers with the highest quality, freshest produce available.

What is the story behind the Leampak brand?


From the start, we wanted Leampak to resonate with the culinary world. Both our baby leaves and herbs are used by chefs across the United Kingdom. We aimed to create a brand image that resonated with any kitchen. Instead of opting for a generic green leaf or herb picture, we decided on a kitchen inspired design by incorporating a chef into the logo. This choice was intended to engage with primary uses – chefs – and evoke the environment where our produce is used.

Leampak Logo

The Evolution of Leampak


Prior to 2020, our Leampak baby leaves and herbs were packaged in plain bags with a green and yellow label. We felt this version of the Leampak brand didn’t fully reflect the fresh qualities of our products. We decided to rebrand Leampak and introduce new, colourful designs into our product range.

The introduction of colour into our baby leaf range received a lot of positive feedback. These designs helped our wholesale customers by speeding up their picking process, as each produce variety signified a specific colour making it easier for them to spot. For example, Green represents Tendril Pea Shoots and Pink represents Land Cress.

What is the future for Leampak?

The Leampak brand remains a cornerstone of Blackdown Growers. We are dedicated to maintaining the trust of our customers by continually innovating our brand. We believe the evolution and history of Leampak is another example of our ability to adapt and meet the requirements of our customers.

Our Leampak packaging in highly versatile, allowing us to bag all our herbs and baby leaves in a variety of sizes and ways, including both punnets and bags. This allows us to meet the needs of our customer in the wholesale, foodservice, hospitality and retail sectors.

We are always proud to promote Leampak and are excited to see what the future holds for our brand.

Explore our full product range here. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for baby leaf salad and herb varieties, please contact our sales team on 01926 614244 or [email protected].

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