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The First Wild Rocket Harvest of 2024

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at Blackdown Growers headquarters as our cutting edge glasshouses have been buzzing with activity. At the heart of the bustle, amongst the rows of glorious green and purple crops, is Pal, our dedicated Harvest Manager leading our hardworking harvest team. 

On one of the days there was an excitement amongst the team as they harvested the first Wild Rocket batch of the 2024 growing season. Sown back on the 4th January, this particular batch of Wild Rocket went through a 12 week cultivation process resulting in a yield of 1646kg.

The First Wild Rocket Harvest of the Season
Wild Rocket Harvest

For those unfamiliar, Wild Rocket is not your average leafy green. With its peppery and vibrant flavour, it adds a zesty kick to salads, sandwiches, smoothies and other culinary creations. Here at Blackdown Growers, where innovation and quality is at the heart of what we do, every leaf is nurtured with care right from seed to harvest. This ensures that we provide our customers with the highest quality produce available all year round.

Leampak Branded Bags

After the Wild Rocket is harvested, it’s then transported to our packing facility where the packhouse team bag it up. We offer Wild Rocket in our own brand Leampak, which is available is bag sizes of 100g, 125g, 500g and 1kg, or it can be supplied loose according to our customers preferences. If these options are not suitable, then that is not a problem as we are highly adaptable and can customise packaging to suit any need.

If you are looking for a supply of Wild Rocket or any other quality baby leaf salad and herb varieties, then get in touch with us on 01926 614244 or [email protected].

Alongside this, as the days get warmer and the season progresses the glasshouses will continue to be full of growing crops ready to be harvested, so there will be lots more highlights to come. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for all of our updates.

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