Tarragon is a versatile herb with an intense flavour that’s a unqiue mix of sweet aniseed and mild vanilla


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Year Round

Shelf Life

5 Days


We produce top quality produce for the Hospitality, Retail, Food Service and Salad Processor sectors, as well as also producing White Label products. Providing the freshest unwashed leaves and herbs in a number of different sizes and pack formats, there is a format to suit your needs
Why Unwashed?
Through our experience we know our produce stays fresher for longer and is in tip top condition when it reaches you if we minimally process it here on our farms. Our range includes bulk produce to be ‘washed and prepared’ and ‘unwashed – wash before eating’ prepacked salads and herbs so you can be confident your customers will enjoy the freshest products
Long UK growing season
Our glasshouses provide the perfect growing conditions for our crops from just the right amount of water to the optimum temperature for healthy growth. The glass protects our crops from the outside elements so we can grow in the UK for longer
Out of season we work with our long-term partners in Spain, Italy and France to supply consistent produce. Over many years we have perfected our European products to ensure there is no difference compared to our UK grown crops, so there is never a compromise on quality or taste

Who do we grow for?
Who do you supply?

We are proud to supply our fresh salad leaves, herbs and purees to the Salad Packer and Processor, Food Service, Hospitality and Retail sectors. We also partner with Retailers to provide quality White Label products to their specification. You can find out more here 

You can get in touch with us on 01926 614244, at [email protected] or via our contact form here and we’ll be delighted to help with your requirements or take your order.

All our baby salad leaves and herbs are supplied unwashed, so they stay naturally fresher for longer.

We have worked with several partners across Europe for many years but occasionally have opportunities to increase our supply base. You can contact us via our form here with a short message and we will get in touch to discuss further.

We are delighted to educate and inform local school children and students about our food production, helping them to understand how our produce gets from seed to shelf. Contact us here and we will be happy to arrange a visit.

Using our glasshouses to grow crops means we can keep pesticides to a minimum as our leaves and herbs are protected from pests and the elements. We don’t wash our produce either so there are fewer chemicals and it’s fresher for longer too.

Who we grow for

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